PPC Stats from 2016 to Shape Your Paid Ads Management [Infographic]

Even though pay-per-click advertising is no longer an enigma for local businesses, many still report the same common issues with PPC management. With the development of paid search in the past two years, marketers and website owners constantly adapt to novel challenges.

One of the greatest shifts in pay-per-click management is the need for more effective mobile ads. As Google currently favors mobile content over desktop, mobile optimization of paid ads is a must. What’s more, optimizing for mobile goes hand in hand with the increased usage of visuals, which we are yet to explore in paid search advertising.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The time has come to start seeing the interconnection of various factors at play. Can Google Reviews influence the success of a Google AdWords campaign? How can you maximize the influence of paid media in combination with owned and organic media and get a greater ROI? And it doesn’t end there.

To make sure you have the most important information and stats about PPC, check out our latest infographic.

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