Why Your E-Store Needs SEO

Ecommerce SEO strategies differ from SEO strategies for other types of sites. For starters, conversion goals are different. One Click Marketing has already helped ecommerce clients fly high in SERPs and get a constant revenue influx from SEO. We can do the same for your business!
One Click Marketing can help you boost your e-store’s online presence, both locally and organically, develop online branding strategies, and set achievable goals to make the biggest ROI for your marketing budget.
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How We Do Ecommerce SEO

Optimize for mobile

Mobile optimization is a crucial part of our ecommerce SEO strategies. Did you know that even if consumers search for your service on a desktop, Google will favor the mobile version of your e-store? That’s right! That’s why we make sure the mobile version of your site is up to snuff, so Google will love it, and rank your higher so consumers can reach you more easily!

Focus on conversion-driving keywords

Many small ecommerce site owners try to replicate SEO strategies of huge ecommerce companies. They go after the most competitive keywords and spend their marketing dollars on modest results. At One Click Marketing, we identify the keywords that are most likely to boost conversion! We start off with local, and steadily build your organic presence.

Spread the word about your business

Apart from optimizing your on-site content for the right keywords, One Click Marketing works on building your overall online presence. How do we do that? Through quality link building! We build links to your web content from authority sites in your industry and region, and strategically use your brand mentions to boost brand recognition.

Build your brand

Ecommerce SEO has a lot to do with brand awareness. People buy from someone they know and trust. And this is exactly what our ecommerce SEO efforts are geared towards! We write brand-informed on-site and off-site content, and make sure that all online content associated with you is consistent with your brand image and values!

Competitor analysis

At One Click Marketing, we love a bit of reverse engineering! We dig deep into your competitors’ analytics and learn what works for them. This information is valuable for creating a personalized ecommerce SEO strategy. It’s not about replicating their techniques and strategies – it’s about learning what works for your industry and tailoring it to your business.

Free SEO Audit Tool

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We Are Your Ecommerce SEO Partners


We focus on ROI

At One Click, we are realistic and honest about it. We don’t make promises we can’t keep. This means that we plan out a strategy that will work for you, depending on your needs and budget. We will only take you on as a client if we can guarantee results!


Our strategies are cost-efficient

Since our focus is on what converts for your e-store, we are constantly tracking our progress. Our strategies adapt accordingly, so you pay for a service that is 100% tailored to your business, and includes strategies that constantly bring more leads.


Our team specializes in ecommerce SEO

For maximum results, it’s not enough to employ a good SEO company. You have to have a team of online marketers with background experience in ecommerce SEO. And this is exactly what One Click Marketing team is!