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With a history of more than 13 years in digital marketing, One Click Marketing is committed to boosting the online visibility of companies in your industry. Our expert teams combine the latest strategies with deep industry-specific insights to develop customized solutions that meet your unique market requirements and business goals. We can make your business stand out in a competitive landscape and make potential customers more likely to find and choose you over the competition. You can count on us for B2B wholesale marketing, manufacturing web design, digital marketing for distributors, and more. Our comprehensive package effectively addresses the distinct challenges and opportunities of digital marketing within your industry and helps you achieve measurable results. The package includes:

  • General SEO strategy and implementation
  • Local SEO strategy and implementation (2 locations)
  • Website optimization (minor facelifts included)
  • Pay per click
  • Pay per call
  • Social media marketing

How We Do It


Local Google optimization

When it comes to digital marketing in manufacturing and SEO for distributors, a strong local presence can be a game-changer. Most clients prefer to source locally because it’s more efficient, convenient, and affordable. This shows how important effective local optimization is. Our experts are here to help your business become the go-to choice in regional searches. We use precise and strategic methods to boost your ranking in search results. The results we achieve for you are very concrete and measurable, so you’ll easily be able to see the progress in numbers.


Complete strategy management

We handle every part of your online presence and adjust our strategy as needed to fit your business needs. At the beginning of our work together, we perform a thorough review of your current website and its search engine rankings. From there, we put together a practical strategy to improve areas where your existing approach may be weak. As a reliable wholesale marketing company, we make sure that every aspect of our strategy is connected and works together effectively. You can rely on our detail-oriented approach with peace of mind, knowing that we won’t overlook anything important for your rankings.


Targeted industry expertise

Trust our expertise when it comes to internet marketing for manufacturers and digital marketing strategies for distributors. We thoroughly investigate every aspect of your industry so that we can produce engaging and high-quality content for your website. Our full-time content writers will dive into the specifics of your supply chain processes, production technologies, market dynamics, and anything else that’s relevant for your industry. We make it a point to write only fact-checked and informative content so that your readers see you as an authority in your field.


Tracking progress and making adjustments

We keep a close watch on the results of our strategies to make sure we’re achieving our goals for you. If we see that certain strategies aren’t working as expected, we quickly get to the bottom of it and tweak things as needed. As a successful wholesale marketing company, we need to have this approach, because search engines and market conditions change constantly. Since we’re capable of adapting to these changes quickly, we can take advantage of new opportunities and handle any new challenges as they arise. We’ll keep you in the loop with frequent updates on our progress, so you always know how your rankings are doing.

Your trusted SEO agency for distributors and wholesale marketing company


When it comes to digital marketing for the manufacturing industry, we’re your safe and reliable choice. Your online presence can significantly impact your ability to attract new business partners and customers. We specialize in developing strategies for digital marketing in manufacturing that showcase your capabilities and innovations. Our dedicated content writers will optimize your blogs and pages for key industry-specific keywords to help you rank highly on search engine results pages. This drives more traffic to your site and increases your visibility to potential clients. Web design for manufacturing companies is another important part of our overall strategy. We create aesthetic, easy-to-use layouts that highlight your products and services so that visitors to your site have all the information they need at their fingertips.


Your digital footprint is an important factor when connecting with retailers and large buyers. As a wholesale marketing company, we can boost your visibility and reach the businesses that are looking for your products. Our reliable experts will optimize your website and content to improve search rankings and attract quality leads. With targeted strategic keywords related to your products and services, we increase your chances of being found by major decision-makers in the industry. Trust us to expand your reach and strengthen your position in the wholesale market. With our dedicated professionals on your side, you can make your business the preferred choice for quality retailers. We also continuously monitor and adjust our strategies to keep your B2B wholesale marketing fully effective.


We have a strong track record as a reliable SEO agency for distributors. Our knowledgeable professionals will create an effective strategy to keep you ahead in this logistics-driven market. We optimize your online presence to ensure that your company comes up first when businesses search for dependable distributors. Our digital marketing strategy for distributors includes a detailed analysis of your logistics services, targeted content creation, and keyword optimization to capture the specific needs of your potential clients. This results in higher search engine rankings and better visibility among businesses looking for distribution partners. With focused SEO for distributors, we can make your services more accessible and appealing, which will help you attract and retain top-tier clients in this competitive industry.

Make your business stand out

Rely on our expertise in digital marketing for manufacturers and distributors

From digital marketing in manufacturing to B2B wholesale marketing, our dependable experts are here to help you level up your business. We help you adjust your online presence to attract new clients effectively. A strong digital footprint is an important factor when connecting with customers. Our professional teams work together to position your business as their first choice with effective and smart SEO strategies. Our package includes essential services to increase your online visibility:

  • Improving your website’s optimization to boost your search rankings,
  • Writing clear, industry-specific content that engages your potential customers,
  • Developing a functional website that represents your business in the best light.

When your website is professionally designed and built, completely optimized and fully functional, it can be the greatest asset for your business. Our reliable professionals use effective methods to make sure that every aspect of your online presence works for you and helps you gain more clients. Our package also includes:

  • Social media marketing to connect with your target audience and expand your reach,
  • Optimization of your website for better user experience and search rankings,
  • Improving your local SEO to get noticed more in local searches,
  • Continuously adjusting and improving our digital marketing strategy for distributors and other professionals in the industry.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of digital marketing in the manufacturing industry? 

Digital marketing for the manufacturing industry helps companies like yours increase visibility and attract new business opportunities. We make the most of SEO, social media, and web design and development to help you showcase everything you can offer to a wider audience. You can expect better brand recognition, more inquiries from potential clients, and ultimately, increased sales.

What is wholesale marketing? 

B2B wholesale marketing involves promoting goods in bulk to retailers or other businesses rather than directly to consumers. Our strategies include:

  • Optimizing product descriptions for business-to-business transactions,
  • Using digital platforms to reach business buyers,
  • Using SEO to attract business customers, and more.

This is how you can make it easy for retailers to find, understand, and purchase your products in large quantities.

How do you market a distribution company? 

As an SEO agency for distributors, we will highlight your reliability, speed, and efficiency in logistics. We use a variety of strategies, from optimized content to appropriate and effective design. These methods will help your business be more visible and showcase the quality of your services. You’ll have no trouble attracting businesses looking for dependable distribution partners once you rely on us.

How do I start B2B marketing from scratch? 

As your wholesale marketing company, we will begin by defining your target audience and understanding their needs. You can expect us to create a website filled with high-quality, informative content that addresses the specific concerns and interests of your potential clients. Our experienced operations team will analyze the performance of your strategies and adjust them based on feedback and analytics to improve engagement and conversions.

What is a reliable SEO agency for distributors & manufacturing web design near me? 

One Click Marketing is your go-to solution if you want to level up your business and get more valuable customers. With more than 20 years of experience, we’re a dependable and secure choice for companies that want to improve every aspect of their online presence. Our efficient and dedicated teams stand ready to provide you with streamlined digital marketing solutions.
Our expertise extends to several different industries, so you can also rely on us when it comes to:

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