Case Studies


Maids and Moore

Maids and Moore is a prominent house cleaning service provider in Austin, Houston, and the surrounding areas. With years of a well-established brand presence, they have long been recognized as leaders in the industry. Despite their prominent status, the company experienced some challenges in achieving their desired results.


The client’s foremost focus was an updated website design, geared toward enhancing user experience and optimizing performance. They also sought to elevate their search engine rankings, particularly in local and organic searches.


Our main objective was to revamp their website with a modern aesthetic and a streamlined structure

We embarked on a comprehensive redesign project and envisioned a modern and intuitive layout, aiming to deliver a visually appealing and user-friendly website.

The first steps included:

  • Conducting a comprehensive website audit to assess the current state and identify areas for improvement
  • Collaborating with the client to gather insights into their target audience, service offerings, and design preferences
  • Conceptualizing a modern and user-friendly website design, incorporating elements to enhance user experience and engagement

We wanted to specifically boost their organic and local rankings for Houston and Austin, with the client’s new focus being on Katy, which we’re developing.

  • Performing keyword research to identify relevant search terms and opportunities for optimization
  • Optimizing website content, metadata, and on-page elements to improve search engine visibility
  • Implementing local SEO strategies, including optimizing Google Business Profile listings and building citations to enhance local presence
  • Monitoring and analyzing performance metrics to measure the effectiveness of SEO efforts and refine strategies accordingly


Over 1200 leads per month


Top 3 spots in the maps for their core keywords in Austin and West Houston

8 million

Revenues are consistently increasing and they are projected to do 8 million this year


Ten Key Remodels

Ten Key Remodels is a design & build company from Edmond, OK. They offer their services in Edmond, Oklahoma City, and many of the surrounding suburbs of the OKC metro area. Founded in 2012, they are an established and trusted contractor in the area.


Ten Key Remodels joined us in November 2020. Despite existing for years, the client’s website was not well-optimized for SEO. As a result, the company had next to no rankings to their name.


Our focus was on revamping the website with cutting-edge SEO techniques and user-centric design principles.

We also fine-tuned the client’s Google Business Profile (Google My Business) to meet the search engine’s stringent criteria, bolstering their online visibility and reputation within the local community. With a meticulously curated keyword strategy encompassing 350 targeted keywords across key locations, including Edmond and Oklahoma City, we laid the groundwork for sustainable organic growth and increased local prominence.

The first steps were:

  • Initiating a comprehensive overhaul of the client’s website, implementing the latest SEO practices
  • Optimizing the client’s Google Business Profile accurate information to ensure maximum visibility in local search results
  • Extensive keyword research and analysis tailored to the client’s target locations and services

With over 300 keywords ranking in the top 10 search results, our collaboration with Ten Key Remodels has undeniably propelled their online visibility and organic reach to new heights.

  • Over the course of three years, our strategic digital marketing efforts have led to a doubling of the client’s revenue
  • Due to growth, the company has expanded its service offerings to include design-build services
  • Addition of extra employees to accommodate increased demand and workload


Over 200 keywords ranked on the first page of search engines


Doubled the company’s revenue in 3 years

More services

Added design-build services and extra employees because of growth


Gustave A. Larson

Gustave A. Larson is a renowned wholesale distributor of HVAC & refrigeration products serving the Midwest, Plains and Mountain states. They represent products from over 450 HVACR manufacturers and operate through 50+ locations across 16 states. Before they came to us, their business was focused on its traditional pipeline of distributors to generate all its sales. GA Larson then decided to focus on marketing their website online through search engine optimization and now sales come through GA Larson directly.


After the organic ranking success we achieved by writing dozens of SEO-friendly and informative brand pages for the GA Larson website, the client wanted to take the next step and work on their 50+ Google Business Profile listings. Their goal was to start ranking for more general terms in the HVACR and refrigeration distribution industry.


Our goal with GA Larson’s local SEO strategy was to rank them highly for general HVACR terms across their service area.

We began working on their priority listings in batches, performing targeted GBP optimization for their core terms.

Some of the steps we took:

  • We updated their on-site local signals by adding map links to their location page.
  • We boosted the authority of their GBP landing page by building high quality backlinks.
  • We populated their GBP profile with high-quality content that drives traffic, improves user experience, and signals authority.

After a year of work, we achieved an 80% increase in clicks to their location page. This traffic came primarily through the GBPs, as the page in question is used as the landing page for their listings.

  • The increase in clicks and impressions came from their improved map rankings for general HVACR terms such as “hvacr distributors”, “hvacr wholesalers”, and “refrigeration distributors”.
  • The improved local presence also brought in more calls from priority locations, including Colorado Springs, CO (64% more year over year), Fort Collins, CO (38% more year over year), Madison, WI (16% more year over year), and Wausau, WI (23% more year over year).


Up to 64% more calls to priority locations such as Colorado Springs and Fort Collins.


Greatly increased the traffic to their location page.


Boost to clicks and impressions for general HVACR terms.

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Let’s build something special together