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    Client: Maid This!

    Results after one year:


    65% increase in residential cleaning inquiries


    320% increase in revenues over one year


    First-page rankings for all major industry keywords


    More efficient spending of marketing dollars


    MaidThis! caters to all residential homes and AirBNB rentals throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County area. MaidThis! has the best and most Amazon and Google Review in the Los Angeles area and have been serving hundreds of homes for well over 5 years now.


    The biggest issue with MaidThis! was that they were not tracking their analytics in any shape or form. Therefore, we couldn’t pinpoint the best areas to invest marketing dollars to see the most optimal amount of online lead generation.

    So the very first steps were to:

    - Set up Google Analytics with conversion goals to track spending and website form leads.

    - Set up user conversion tracking to see what the traffic did once it got to the web site to be able to distinguish higher points of conversion on the website.

    - Enable call tracking on their website to track what sources and mediums people were calling from.

    After gathering a 3 months’ worth of data, we were able create a well-informed plan about where to invest their marketing dollars. These are the areas we discovered through analyzing the data:

    - Search engine optimization. Focusing on keywords associated with maids and cleaning services. Also, focusing on each individual neighborhood throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County area.

    - Google Adwords. Similar to SEO, focusing on the keywords but also making sure our competitors do not rank in the ads above our organic results.

    - Facebook marketing and lead generation. A pure, trackable focus on cleaning inquiries using third party forms to capture a specific funnel-targeted audience comprised of MaidThis’ ideal customers.

    - Conversion upgrades of their website. Organizing the functionalities an Calls-to-Action (CTAs) on the website. Making the website 100% mobile friendly and speeding the website up for lower bounce rates and more conversions.

    “Their communication is impeccable. They don’t promise things they can’t deliver. They are available whenever you need them. They send you progress even without you asking. I like to spend my time growing my business and not chasing my marketing team for results. With SEO one click, I got just that!”

    Modaser Nazir, Stay Classy Transportation

    “I used One Click for search engine optimization. Before I knew it my business was showing up on top of most search engines and what made me even MORE happy was seeing my business on top of my competitors! Thanks One Click!”

    Erny Castro

    “These guys are fantastic. Dan, Jordan and their team helped us secure page one rankings with multiple keywords. SEO companies can be hard to find because they are from India, they don’t answer the phone and/or do not get results. These guys went above and beyond for our contracting company.”

    John B., Campbell, CA

    Client: No More Chores

    Results after one year:


    320% increase in
    website traffic


    104% increase in users
    visiting their booking form


    95% increase in
    overall revenue


    No More Chores is located in beautiful Toronto, Canada and is an up-and-coming player in the cleaning industry. No More Chores is a professional, affordable, and time-saving cleaning service that will leave you delighted. They take those dreaded, boring tasks away so you can return to a clean, beautiful and comfortable home.


    No More Chores had absolutely no organic presence with Google or with Google Local in the maps section. We knew that was the first priority that needed to be addressed because mostly everyone searches in Google to find their cleaning company. We also needed to design a user-friendly website that was made to convert customers from all the traffic No More Chores was receiving.

    These are the first steps we needed to take:

    - Create a responsive website with many call to actions to convert more customers.

    - Search engine optimization. Optimize the website in Toronto and surrounding areas for cleaning keywords and get them ranked in the top 3 of the maps section, which is the highest converting area in Google.

    - Create a targeted content marketing strategy that focuses on long-tail keywords with blogging and silo pages. Also, create educational pieces to assist in helping the customer choose the best cleaning company.

    - Facebook marketing and lead generation. A pure, trackable focus on cleaning inquiries using third party forms to capture a specific funnel-targeted audience containing No More Chores’ ideal customer of all ages.

    - www.nomorechores.com. Visit No More Chores and see for yourself!

    “Working with One Click has been a great experience. They have been so helpful in building our keyword strategy and improving our website. We've seen significant increases in our organic ranking. Dan and Jordan are very professional, very thorough and completely transparent. Their team is the real deal.”

    Susan Wimenta, Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar

    “These guys have given us one good idea after another. SEO and PPC services are on point! They're also very transparent with their services. Plus they do an excellent job with branding ideas and adwords. Give them a call. If they will take you as a client, you are money ahead!”

    Leo Hamel

    “Dan was extremely helpful and provided me with a ton of information and guidance. He didn’t overpromise, and was clear about what results I could expect with my budget. I would recommend them to up-and-coming companies as well as seasoned veterans who want to increase their online presence.”

    Kim H., Capistrano Beach, CA