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Earned media marketing services that get results

Through earned media outreach and other services, One Click Marketing can help you gain a stronger online presence and adapt to the ebbs and flows of the competitive market with ease and creativity. We use our rich experience in public relations and digital marketing to put your business in the limelight and drive organic traffic straight to your website. With a meticulous campaign designed by discriminating SEO and PR professionals especially for you, your business will be positioned to reach wider audiences seamlessly and grow continuously.

How we do it


Organic promotion

For any thriving business with growth ambitions, online visibility is a necessity. It is built gradually and requires in-depth analysis and diligent research, as well as clever and precise strategies that attract organic traffic. We are here to ensure your business gets brand reach and awareness on a variety of digital channels so it becomes visible to the right audiences.


Journalist outreach

If you want to establish your business as a credible authority in your industry, you need to broadcast your expertise, and what better way to do that than through HARO outreach? We will reach out to and connect with reporters writing for quality publications on your behalf to make sure you are taking advantage of free brand promotion locally and nationwide.


Relevant exposure

One of the most important aspects of media outreach and backlink acquisition as a whole is pursuing niche-specific exposure. Our efforts are aimed at securing your features in reputable publications for much-coveted editorial backlinks that showcase your industry experience, expertise, and reputation as well as help you grow in a competitive landscape.


Stronger brand image

Through targeted digital PR and media outreach services, we can help you further develop an impactful brand identity while also facilitating your pursuit of promotion opportunities and new avenues that are worth exploring as your brand grows and evolves. Earned media enables you to build a stronger, forward-looking brand image aligned with what you envision.

Earned media marketing done right

Ranking-boosting backlink acquisition

Link insertion vs guest post? Why not both and more? We’ll find diverse opportunities to help your brand evolve in a way that is consistent with your message and speaks directly to your intended target group. Through unpaid inbound organic links from earned media and niche edits in high-authority local and nationwide outlets, combined with our other efforts, your website will gain visibility and rank higher on search engines.

Creative thinking goes a long way

Pitching the right people to get your message across

Using HARO and other forms of worthwhile media outreach, we find creative ways to drive your online traffic and boost your digital presence. We’ll whip up quality content pitches that get your business noticed by your target community and help you build a stronger reputation in your industry.

Finding room for improvement

Always mindful of the relevant KPIs

We’ll also conduct diligent monitoring of your earned media KPIs to ensure further optimization of the process and ultimately, an enhanced exposure of your brand and a smoother experience for prospective users, making it easier for them to track down your business with a simple Google search.

Tailored approach to PR

PR campaigns that make great ideas come to life

Another One Click Marketing specialty is PR for startups and established businesses with campaigns designed to give your business visibility and discoverability. We can revamp your approach to PR to help broaden your reach while ensuring it is aligned with your longstanding, long-term vision.

Connect with a tried-and-true digital PR service

Rely on us for comprehensive SEO & PR services. We can craft engaging digital PR campaigns specifically tailored to your business and niche. Contact us now!

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Make your business stand out

Get the full digital PR package

One Click Marketing can ensure your business gets the attention it deserves through a tailored strategy that maximizes the potential of our online PR services within your broader digital marketing campaign.

Your custom-made earned media strategy will entail:

  • Targeted digital PR campaigns
  • High-quality traffic-driving earned backlinks
  • Meaningful features in reputable, industry-relevant digital outlets
  • Exposure to wider audiences to build your brand reach, awareness, and reputation
Other services

Whether you’re looking for a HARO link-building agency or professional digital PR consultants, One Click Marketing is just what you need. But our scope of services extends beyond earned media. We navigate the world of digital marketing on your behalf to help promote your business in the best light, give it a competitive edge, and ultimately make your vision come to life:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is media outreach? 

Media outreach revolves around building relationships with the media on behalf of your business. The goal of media outreach is securing coverage in credible digital third-party publications. This type of coverage ideally involves earned links or editorial links.

First things first: what is an editorial link? By definition, you cannot buy editorial backlinks. The logical next question is how to get editorial backlinks and the answer is earned media. A well-devised digital marketing strategy with a sharp focus on niche-specific content and targeted media outreach is how you earn these high-value backlinks. Alternatively, these are known as passive link building or link earning.

What is HARO and how does it work?  

One effective method of acquiring editorial links is through HARO link building services. Short for Help a Reporter Out, HARO is a platform used by reporters looking for credible sources for their stories. HARO enables professionals from various industries nationwide to offer their expertise in return for brand promotion and recognition.

HARO outreach is usually done within a more comprehensive outreach strategy, but the platform itself is comprehensive as-is. After HARO sign up, the platform offers insight into journalists’ queries arranged into categories. The secret of the best HARO link building services is promptness.

Journalists often work on tight deadlines and HARO opportunities tend to be time-sensitive. They only accept pitches provided by professionals with relevant expertise and delivered to them promptly. The sooner a journalist receives a response that meets their exact requirements, the more likely they are to feature it in their article.

What is the difference between niche edits and guest posts? 

Both niche edits and guest posts are essential to an effective link-building strategy. To understand guest posting vs niche edits, we need to start at the beginning: what are niche edits?

Niche edit links are backlinks to your website that have been added to relevant existing content on third-party websites. The best niche edits are embedded on relevant top-performing websites. Depending on the scoring system, the performance of a website is measured through its domain authority (DA) or domain rating (DR). Niche edit backlinks are sometimes referred to as link placements or contextual links.

Guest posts or guest blogs, on the other hand, are exclusively written for publication on third-party websites in the same niche as your business. Both types of backlinks help improve your search engine rankings and expose your business to wider audiences. Additionally, they help position your brand as an authority in your niche.

How can SEO and PR work together? 

Digital PR and SEO go hand in hand. SEO gives your content visibility, PR gives it exposure. The synergy between the two depends on the quality of your SEO & PR strategy. When done right, it is a winning combination to gain quality exposure. By using highly specialized digital PR tools and effective strategies to enhance your SEO, digital marketing professionals can help expand your target audience and business.

Where do I go for in-demand earned media marketing services? 

One Click Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency. We offer the whole package of comprehensive SEO services, from custom-made web solutions and creative business branding to optimization and marketing for YouTube and effective social media management, all the way to efficient marketing automation and whipping up a targeted Google Ads strategy.

While ensuring your brand reputation protection, we are here to maximize your Earned Media Value: the expected return on your investment in marketing efforts. With an experienced team of marketing professionals by your side, it’s smooth sailing all the way. Contact us today!

Let’s build something special together 

Let’s build something special together