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Effective Lead Generation for Your Business

One Click Marketing is a team of SEO experts specializing in initiating consumer interest, cultivating potential leads and moving them through the purchase funnel. But, a bullet-proof lead generation SEO strategy wouldn’t be complete without efficient lead tracking. Even though we already have a set of tried-and-tested strategies for generating leads for different businesses, every business is different. By tracking lead movement, we are able to tell you what actually works and what doesn’t!
We excel at lead generation because we take lead tracking seriously. We continuously monitor where your leads come from and how they navigate their way through the sales funnels. We adjust our strategy accordingly, instead of sticking to the cookie-cutter solutions.

BOTTOM LINE: We don’t want an optimum solution – we want the best possible solution for your business, which means – the one that will give you’re the biggest ROI.

One Click Lead Generation

Track conversion-driving keywords

One of the most challenging things for SEOs is to identify source keywords. These are the keywords someone searched for when they saw your website description and figured that you are what they want! These are the keywords that led the consumer directly to you.
In other words, source keywords are your very own gold mine. And we’re here to make sure you unearth each and every one of these money-making nuggets!

Reaching out to “hot leads”

It’s crucial that you understand that not every person that lands on your website is actually interested in buying your service or product. This is where we make a distinction between hot leads and cold leads. Hot leads want to make a purchase. The only thing they need is to see is that you are the best purchase choice. And these are the leads you want to go after!
How do you go after hot leads? By tracking down source keywords and optimizing your web content and SEO campaigns for them. Remember, these consumers want to find you – you just need to make yourself easy to find.

Identify the right marketing channels

At One Click Marketing, we prioritize bringing more leads to your business. But we cannot harness the lead generation potential of a particular site or social media platform without identifying the most effective-traffic drivers. It’s true that more traffic doesn’t automatically translate to more conversions. But, high traffic from a particular place on the web means that place is where your target audience is!

Monitor conversion goals

You may have heard of Google Analytics, one of our absolute favorite lead generation and tracking tools. It’s there that we set up conversion goals, that is – the specific goals of your SEO campaigns. It depends on what you’re selling – maybe you run an ecommerce site and your goal is to have people click on the shopping cart button. Or you want them to book an appointment by filling out the booking form. These are all conversion goals.
One Click Marketing team keeps an eye on how efficient a strategy is at achieving the goals. We can show the exact number of people who clicked on the booking form or newsletter sign-in button. You can see the actual numbers and decide if that’s something you want to continue spending your marketing dollars on.

Keep only phone call leads, eliminate noise

It’s nice having your business phone ringing off the hook. It means you are in high demand. Even if these phone calls don’t result in a purchase, you can still make a great impression on a prospect client by giving them advice or further information. Our job at One Click Marketing is to distinguish between phone call leads and all other calls.
Why is that important? Because once we track down the leads, we can eliminate unrelated calls from our strategies. In other words, we will make your SEO lead generation strategy more cost-efficient by focusing only on leads.

Deliver supply where there is demand

Lead and call tracking is a great part of lead generation because it tells us what geographic locations to focus on. Once we see what locations the conversions come from, we can gear the strategy towards that specific (or should we say, prolific) location.

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Why we are the go-to Lead Generation SEO Pros


We track our results

At One Click Marketing, we’re big on tracking our efforts and reporting. This is why we think that lead generation doesn’t work without lead tracking. What’s more, we regularly track all the leads and uncover more prolific marketing avenues for your business.


We save your marketing dollars

If you want to outrank your competition, copying their lead generation strategy may not be the way to go. Sure, it’s working for them, but for you, it can just mean paying for something you don’t need. We cut through the noise and single out strategies that bring you the most revenue.


We focus on conversions

Cost-efficiency means quickly identifying what works best for your business and exploring it to the max. In other words, we focus on bringing you leads that are the most likely to convert. We are not interested in high traffic volume if it’s not converting into more ROI for your business.