Visual Content Marketing Statistics For 2017 [Infographic]

If you are cooking up your content marketing strategy for 2017, don’t forget visual content. Visual content marketing statistics make a compelling case for a higher focus on images, videos, inforgraphics and other visuals in your marketing efforts.

Visuals make all the difference to consumers, who are getting more and more sophisticated Internet users every day. They expect a continuous supply of visual content and failing to offer it to them risks losing them. Take yourself – when you want to make an online purchase, do you like to see high-quality product images or videos of the company’s service? Admittedly, visuals are not the only factor driving conversion, but it sure does help.

Visuals have the added benefit of making it easier to convey your message – the fundamental message you have as a business. Visual messages are powerful in prompting people to share them on social media and they are also taking over email marketing. They are also much more memorable, which contributes to your branding strategy.

So, content still sits on the throne in the year ahead, but with a more graphic face. For more details, check out our infographic.

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