Why We Need a Mobile Ad Makeover [Infographic]

December 28, 2016

What are we doing wrong? That’s the question preying on most marketers’ minds these days, and it’s mostly concerning mobile ads.

It’s impossible to ignore the importance of mobile advertising when we know that Google officially gave priority to mobile content over desktop. So while marketers were having their hands full trying to devise, revise and resize their online marketing strategy, they realized one thing:

We have to change our mobile ads strategy.

In truth, the realization wasn’t nearly as dramatic, although I bet the distinct kick-in-the-guts feeling was present. Anyway, how else were these folks supposed to feel when they realized that more than half of their mobile advertising budget had gone down the drain?

The clever ones have already regrouped and reset. After all, a new year is upon us.

For equally insightful mobile ads stats and responses from marketers, brands and consumers, check out our latest infographic.

Mobile Ads Makeover Infographic

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