How to Design Your Website to Turn Visitors into Customers [Infographic]

July 12, 2017

The first impression your website leaves is one of your most valuable resources for gaining new customers. Your website should be able to draw your audience in and instantly give an impression that you are professional, reliable and the undisputed leader in your niche. This will help them decide whether they want to hire your services or leave without saying goodbye.

But that’s nothing new.

Imagine taking your car to a shop to have its engine checked out. What does the shop look like in your mind?

Now imagine there are no cars currently in the shop, no tools anywhere and no certificates or awards on the walls. You can’t see the reception desk anywhere or find a clear sign saying where the offices are. Every employee you talk to gives you a different estimate if they speak your language in the first place. The logo on the outside of the shop is completely different to the one you find on their business card.

Now, would you leave your car in this shop based on that first impression or would you find your way out as quickly as possible and without saying goodbye?

Do you see the point?

In the age of the Internet, you should spend the same amount of time and effort designing your website and getting your physical store ready for opening. Most of your clients will get the first impression about your brand from your website before you ever had the chance to meet them and prove your expertise.

When your visitors first stumble onto your homepage the visuals are the first thing they will pay attention to. They will also look for the products and services you offer on your homepage.

If you manage to get their attention at this point they will look for your contact information, which has to be clearly displayed.

Finally, if they decide to get into the details you should make your website inviting by making navigation easy and intuitive.

Find out about other ways your website can convert visitors into customers in our latest infographic:

Website design for customer conversion infographic

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