5 Actionable Steps To Pump Up Your Brand Muscle Online [Infographic]

Think about an online brand you like. We bet you can see their logo without actually looking at it and even if you can’t put it succinctly, you at least feel the values they stand for. So, what’s in a brand? A message.

This message emanates from the brand’s visual identity and voice. If you want to build a brand, you want to keep a coherent tone of voice and clearly communicate your message to your loyal and potential customers. At the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious, we’ll also say you want to engage your target audience by giving them what they want and/or need. As commonplace as all this may sound, it actually packs a bigger challenge than you might expect, so consider devising a full-fledged content strategy for 2017. If a content strategy seems over the top for your ambitions, have a look at these benefits that small businesses can reap with smart content marketing.

Now, there is also the reputation component in branding. Some would even suggest that nurturing an online brand actually boils down to reputation management. In any case, your online reputation is important and it could very well make or break your online marketing efforts. Not only does it gall common sense to ask whether online customer reviews really matter, but Google also says reviews have a role to play.

Finally, link-building also contributes to your online brand, on top of pushing your site to the spotlight of search results. Building your backlink profile like a champion and avoiding the techniques Google cracks down on is the sure way to success.

For more details, have a look at our latest infographic.

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