Three Important Trends on PPC You Should Expect in 2019

If you are planning to take on the world of digital marketing, you must know by now that search engine marketing is a tool you can’t do without. One component of SEM is the use of Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising.

Defined as an online advertising model that allows businesses and organizations to bid for an ad placement, PPC ads may appear in search engines or social media every time users key in their query, especially if they are looking for something to buy. Whenever they click on the ads, the advertisers must pay the search engine a corresponding fee.

But just how effective is PPC marketing? A study conducted by the brilliant team from SEO Tribunal shows PPC ads as one of the top three generators of on-page conversions. Customers that click through a link from the PPC ads are 50% more likely to buy a certain product than organic visitors, according to recent statistics.

Moreover, the power of PPC goes beyond its revenue-generating ability. Running a PPC campaign can help your business grow by boosting your brand awareness, expanding your audience reach, and increasing your website visitors.

In 2019, PPC shows no signs of slowing down. It is still a primary consideration for most marketers looking to meet their goals and steer their businesses to success. The stats do not lie either, showing how 67% of marketing clients choose to significantly increase their budgets for PPC this year.

So, what can marketers expect for PPC in 2019?

Text Ads Vs Social Ads

It is no secret that PPC goes beyond the search engine advertisement. Advertising in social media is just as common and effective.

But in the endless debate of which is better, text ads or social ads, more marketers still put their faith in text ads, with 60% of them planning to increase their text ad spending, compared to the 49% choosing to prioritize social ads.

Google AdWords is still the most popular PPC advertising platform, becoming almost synonymous to paid search. It offers many advertisers access to unprecedented number of potential audience and potential customers.

The Rise of Videos is Inevitable

Video is a rising star in the world of online content. PPC ad campaigns are not immune to its sheer power. Sport brands have been using how-to videos to promote their products, especially in YouTube. Running a video ad is highly effective in holding people’s attention and reinforcing familiarity.

And now, it is possible to set up a video campaign through AdWords’ new interface. It allows you to include an accompanying ad copy, imagery, and call-to-action overlay. In-stream and video discovery ads charge advertisers per view. 

Videos that are less than 30 seconds charge when a user watch it all throughout, while longer videos charge when a viewer reaches the 30-second mark.

Audience Dictates the Tide

Some marketers believe that audience targeting will take the place of keywords, shifting the match type and terms toward context and people. Others beg to differ but concedes the fact that a targeted audience is just as important as targeted keywords.

In 2019, marketers can benefit from better segmentation of audiences as this will allow them to create ads that is more relevant and personalized.

The detailed infographic below explores many more fascinating stats and trends that reveal the state of pay-per-click in 2019. It is a good resource that can help you understand this essential and effective digital marketing tool.

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