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    Digital marketing. Everybody knows it and think they have a strong sense of what it means. If you own a business and want to get more leads, you have probably clicked the subscribe button on a number of digital marketing blogs. You go through this post and that post, tirelessly gathering information each day. You get confused. Frustrated, even. There are so many contradictions between them so how can you tell which tactic works and which does not? A digital marketing agency Phoenix business owners rely on will tell you that the blogs you read are also a trick. A trick to draw your attention, gain traffic, promote an idea or digital marketing services in Phoenix. That’s why you are here, wondering if we can offer you tangible value. It’s time to put away that cookie cutter and check out our approach!

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    Digital marketing is changing at the speed of light

    A constant struggle to stay ahead of the digital marketing game is just one of the challenges you are facing in an effort to grow your business. There are two paths you can take: try to become an expert or hire one. If you go for the first one, then you already know that digital marketing is a steep learning curve, especially when juggling it with running a business. A reputable digital marketing firm in Phoenix comprises a team of seasoned digital marketers. These people have chosen the digital marketing career path and spend each and every day leaning new techniques, doing analytics, and creating stellar digital marketing campaigns for a number of different businesses. These are the people offering the best digital marketing services Phoenix has to offer.

    Our award winning digital marketing agency taps into psychology

    Digital marketers agree on the importance of content marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), social media, and paid advertising. What happens next? You try a number of tactics and they don’t deliver the results you want. Why is that? Perhaps you’re not using the right platforms for your business, your messaging sucks or your approach and demographics are wrong. If you take the analytics and consumer psychology principles out of the equation, your results will be just as partial.

    So how can you tell if your tactic is a winner?

    Test, test, test! Activate, activate, activate! Until you achieve it!

    We are not the only digital marketing company in Phoenix that tests it out to discover what works best. EVERY marketing company has to try out different approaches to discover what captures the consumers’ attention. First you have to find out who your audience is. Then you need to know your consumers. Only then can you appeal to them. So do your research and do it thoroughly. Learn about different types of data analytics and examine them closely. Then take a deep dive into the analytics of your business. After that, testing may begin! To stay on top of your digital marketing game, you need to:


    Capture your audience’s attention


    Convert a website visitor into your customer

    Attracting visitors to your website is usually the most arduous endeavor just because it includes lots of testing. You have to test different digital marketing strategies to determine the most effective one, juggling with Google AdWords, social media, SEO, and so on. You also have to test various messages to see if they appeal to your target audience. You’d rather spend more time with your family and friends and go watch the Cactus League Spring Training and than go back and forth trying to figure out digital marketing tricks and hacks by yourself. So choose a digital marketing firm Phoenix businesses trust. Choose professionals who have the skills, expertise and experience to set up your digital marketing avenue. When it comes to creating a successful AdWords Campaign, there are a few phases you need to focus on:


    Set up your
    Google Adwords account


    2Use every aspect / setting / extension
    of the interface


    Target your niche’s keywords
    but only the important ones


    Implement negative keywords
    to exclude unwanted clicks / traffic


    Test different text ads
    to improve your CTR (click-through rate)


    Send users to a landing page with information
    that best represents the click

    These phases are necessary for optimizing the likelihood of capturing your target audience. Just like with any other digital marketing avenue, Google AdWords testing takes time and effort, months even, and it’s just the beginning. After you succeed in optimizing the platform, you need to turn that user into your customer. But how exactly do you convince someone to use your product or service? We can use search engine optimization to show you what helps. Let’s say that you have skyrocketed your rankings to the top position on Google. Well done! You have made your company more visible and boosted top-quality traffic to your website.

    But there is no boost in sales. Why?

    Sometimes you get tons of traffic but no sales. You may think that you are doing everything for conversion but your website obviously says otherwise. Your digital marketing strategy should not only generate traffic but generate traffic that will convert. If you have a conversion problem, these may be the reasons:

    Your calls to action are lame or don’t exist

    Your web forms and phone numbers
    are not accessible

    Your landing pages
    don’t convey the message
    users clicked on

    Using your homepage
    as a substitute for landing pages

    Your website
    is not user-friendly

    Your website images give users
    a bad impression

    and plenty of other reasons
    based on your approach

    Days of hard work, testing, and optimizing your seo or digital marketing strategy can get you results but these won’t be the results you were aiming for. If you want a winning digital marketing strategy, you need to turn to a digital marketing agency Phoenix business owners trust. Just like your customers couldn’t do your job the way you can, you yourself cannot push all those hot buttons to rank your business to be on the top in the eyes of both Google and users. We can do it for you! One Click Marketing is one of the best San Diego digital marketing companies Phoenix can offer and has worked with more than 100 different companies. We have years of experience under our belt and are devoted to developing our set of skills so we can make the right choices for your business. Reach out to #1 digital marketing company in Phoenix and have more time to concentrate on your company, maybe even visit South Mountain Park for a little peace and calm or hit the road and spend the day touring the Grand Canyon!