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    If you’re not online, you don’t exist. Everyone knows it. Maybe that’s why everyone thinks they know exactly what digital marketing is. As a business owner, you are especially focused on building a strong online presence. So you hit the subscribe button again and again in an effort to learn everything you can about digital marketing. And then all those contradictions in the articles you read start driving you crazy. A leading marketing company Las Vegas businesses trust can tell you one thing: these articles all have the same goal. That goal is you. And her and him. Every single user and their attention. More traffic, more prospects. The same goal as yours. Want to know how it really works and how to get there? #1 digital marketing firm Las Vegas is here to lead the way!

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    Digital marketing is a profession & you need an all-star digital marketing team

    So you decided to fuel your business growth. Two roads are ahead of you: to learn digital marketing to be an expert or leave it to the experts. If you go for the first, you need to learn about the whole world of digital marketing and new trends – each and every day. However, your target is constantly moving, evolving, making it harder for you to stay on top of your game. And let’s remember, you have a business to run as well. Many companies are trying to win the market every day. You want to boost your rankings and keep them high. That’s something that digital marketers do for a living. They are always on the watch – learning, developing their skills, trying out different techniques, doing all sorts of analytics. These professionals have chosen a career in digital marketing and they know it in detail, inside out. You’d want an all-star marketing team providing the most effective digital marketing services Las Vegas can offer! Only then can you focus on what you know and do best – running a business.

    Our Digital Marketing will take you on a deep dive into psychology to get results

    You need more than one strategy to win over your audience. You need the marketing mix to fight on all fronts and seize every opportunity. So you try content marketing, paid internet advertising, SEO (search engine optimization), and social media. But there is no guarantee that you will get there. Many businesses don’t. But WHY? Well, maybe the platforms you are using are wrong for your industry or you assume that you understand the market while, in fact, you don’t. Perhaps you’re doing the analytics wrong or not doing it at all, or the message you’re sending is plain and lame. To develop a successful digital marketing strategy, you need to really know your audience. The best digital marketing agency Las Vegas can provide will tap into consumer psychology to develop a winning strategy.

    So what is the secret to killer results?

    Test it out again and again! Keep it going until you get results!

    Want to know what works best? Test it. And keep on testing it until you find out! Even digital marketers have to test out various avenues to learn what attracts more audience. Digital marketing services Las Vegas businesses rely on includes plenty of analyzing and testing. To know who you are reaching out to, you have to closely examine your company’s analytics and a myriad of other types of industry analytics. If you think you already know it all, think twice! Once you determine your audience, you can start the testing process. Do you want to stay ahead of the digital marketing game and get more business? Here’s what you have to do:


    Attract user attention


    Turn users into customers

    The first phase is the most strenuous one. It’s because you have to test a number of digital marketing avenues till you have a winner. There’s SEO, then there are social media, Google AdWords, etc. The goal here is to find effective ways to present the right content and reach the right audience. But what is the right content? Again, you need to test different messages and see how your target market responds to them. It’s a lot of work, we know, juggling your company, digital marketing research and campaign, and your personal life. We bet that you’d rather enjoy with your friends in the Las Vegas Strip or make a family trip to the Grand Canyon. This is where unmatched digital marketing services in Las Vegas can come in handy! You need to set up your digital marketing approach professionally. To show you how it works, we’ll use Google AdWords as an example. Here are the super basic stages to creating an engaging AdWords Campaign:


    Professionally set up
    a Google Adwords account


    2Utilize each aspect / extension / setting
    of the Google Adwords interface


    Target the most important keywords
    for your industry


    Use negative keywords
    to filter out unwanted traffic / clicks


    Perform Ad Copy tests to enhance
    your CTR (click-through rate)


    Send visitors to landing pages
    that best represent that click

    These few steps will help you create an irresistible marketing message that will reach your ideal customers and capture their attention. However, this process takes time. With Google AdWords and any other digital marketing avenue, optimizing the platform the way you envisioned and improving its performance may last months. This is only half the battle. Another endeavor is to convert your users into customers. A renowned marketing company Las Vegas businesses prefer will create nurturing campaigns, using a range of tactics to appeal to your prospect's hot buttons and maximize the conversion rate. Their goal is your goal: helping you get users who will become your customers. Now, let’s say you have boosted your Google rankings using SEO. Your business is now among the first few listings on the first page of Google. Congrats! You have increased the visibility of your company and now you’re getting high-quality traffic to your website.

    But how come I don’t see any increase in sales?

    More online visibility and more traffic equals more sales, right? Not necessarily. The leading digital marketing agency Las Vegas will tell you: there’s something you’re not doing right. Your website speaks for itself – loud and clear. If you have trouble converting users, there must be other factors that have been left out of the equation. Here are a few reasons why your website is unsuccessful in conversion:

    You don’t have calls to action on your website or they are poor

    Your phone numbers and web forms
    are not easily accessible

    Your landing pages
    are not transparent
    to the message users clicked on

    You take users to the homepage
    instead of landing pages

    Your website doesn’t provide
    a seamless user experience

    Website content and visuals
    are flawed

    and lots of other reasons
    depending on your approach

    Not everybody can excel in digital marketing. Yes, you surely can do it but can you do it as effectively as the pros? You wouldn’t expect your customer to do your job the way you can. As a business owner, you need to learn to let others take on this work. Let the best digital marketing firm in Las Vegas take care of it for you! One Click Marketing has worked with over a hundred different types of industries and knows how challenging it can get for you to stay ahead. After 10 years in business – years of hard work, constant development of our set of skills and tactics, we boast the most effective digital marketing services Las Vegas can offer! Our all-star Seattle digital marketing agency team is here to help you build your brand! We’d be happy to give you plenty of time to focus on running your business and to enjoy your free time cruising down Las Vegas Boulevard!

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      What Does A Digital Marketing Agency Do?

    A digital marketing agency offers a long-term service tailored to help you achieve your digital marketing goal. A digital marketing service offers both one-time services such as website development, design or redesign, as well as continuous services such as PPC marketing, search engine optimization and social media account handling.

    A digital marketing agency uses all available channels to help promote your business, whether you are offering products or services. The choice of the channels will depend on your business goals, budget, niche and the timeframe for your goals.

    Any tasks concerning your digital marketing efforts will be handled by the digital marketing agency. The agency usually assigns your company to a project manager who will handle implementation, coordination and reporting, serving as a liaison between your company and the various teams that make up the digital marketing agency.

    A digital marketing agency offers various services under the same roof. Therefore, hiring a digital marketing agency can replace an entire in-house team. The end-goal of a digital marketing company is to increase the sales of your product or service through a series of smaller goals.

      What Are The Different Types Of Online Marketing?

    Digital marketing is an umbrella term encompassing various digital marketing avenues. A digital marketing agency usually offers all or most of these services.

    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Search Engine Marketing and Pay-Per-Click Advertising
    • Content Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Email Marketing

    Search Engine Optimization

    Search engine optimization is a long-term digital marketing strategy that involves harvesting free traffic and leads from search engines through website and keyword optimization. A digital marketing agency can help you rank for the keywords popular in your niche, ensuring your website and your business appears first on relevant searches through websites such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. However, as search engines constantly roll out updates that affect your ranking, a digital marketing agency will ensure that your website always stays on top. Therefore, SEO is a long-term strategy that requires consistent effort but brings constant leads and results.

    Search Engine Marketing and Pay-Per-Click Advertising

    Search Engine Marketing or SEM involves getting website traffic through ads placed on search engines. By far the most popular platform is Google’s AdWords, tailed closely by Bing Ads. Search engines charge advertisers based on several payment models, usually per click (PPC) or per a number of views an ad has. While this strategy is usually costly, the results are much better and faster than SEO, as the ads can be targeted, increasing the percentage of quality leads.

    Content Marketing

    Content marketing is a creative digital marketing strategy that is focused on creating and promoting content relevant to the target audience, meant to drive traffic to a particular website. Content marketing is an ongoing strategy that involves engaging with your potential clients through a series of relevant, well-researched and written articles. This helps businesses develop a brand loyalty with their target audience, which is usually rewarded by purchases.

    Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing is similar to SEM, except the fact that the platforms used to promote the ads involve social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others. Social Media Marketing is a great way to develop brand awareness but also gain quality leads through targeted marketing efforts.

    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing involves promoting businesses through affiliates. These affiliates are usually well-respected blogs or influencers who will charge a certain amount or a percentage of each sale to promote a business’ product or service. Affiliate marketing is a good way to gain natural leads and develop stronger brand awareness through the affiliate’s endorsement.

    Email Marketing

    Email marketing is the most tried-and-tested digital marketing avenue that helps businesses connect with their clients in a direct manner and drive quality, recurring leads to the website. Email can be used to share newsletters, reminders and special offers to your customers. This can help generate a list of recurring clients as well as potential leads in the future.

      Why Hire A Digital Marketing Agency?

    If you’ve decided to expand your marketing efforts into the digital realm, hiring a digital marketing agency is the smartest choice. Digital marketing agencies offer the level of expertise and variety of services you couldn’t achieve with an in-house team in such a short time. Listed are some of the benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency.

    • They Cover Various Areas Of Expertise
    • Digital Marketing Agencies Are Cost-Effective

    They Cover Various Areas Of Expertise

    When you hire a digital marketing agency, you don’t have to worry about providing training – digital marketing agencies hire professionals with rich experience in a particular sphere of digital marketing they specialize in. These professional have experience with various niches and industries, across different platforms. A team of experts digital marketing agency assigns to a particular client will cover all the different areas of digital marketing necessary to promote your business online.

    Digital Marketing Agencies Are Cost-Effective

    Contrary to popular opinion, hiring a digital marketing agency is much more cost-effective than building your own in-house digital marketing team. First of all, hiring a digital marketing agency involves no additional employee costs such as sick days, holidays or salaries.

    Furthermore, if you want to cover all the different aspects of digital marketing, you need to hire an entire team of experts, not just one or two employees with general knowledge of different digital marketing spheres.

    Finally, digital marketing requires access to expensive tools and resources that will only be of limited use to your business. On the other hand, digital marketing agencies work with several clients, making this sort of purchase more financially viable.

    They Provide Thorough Progress Reports

    A digital marketing agency will provide timely and thorough status reports with all the necessary data that is easy to read and understand, no matter how experienced you are in the terminology. You won’t need to be familiar with the specific terminology, as the agency will offer the rundown of all the necessary data you need.

    Your Online Identity Is In Safe Hands

    When you hire a digital marketing agency like One Click Marketing you can rest easy knowing all your online marketing campaigns are in safe hands. This will help you focus on your business rather than worrying about stats you don’t fully understand. A digital marketing agency has a single goal – to create successful digital marketing campaigns.

      How To Choose A Digital Marketing Agency?

    If this is your first time looking for a digital marketing agency or if you are looking to replace the previous one you had due to negligence or other issues you’ve had with them, choosing the right digital marketing agency is key.

    The best way to get to a reliable digital marketing agency is to turn to reliable sources such as digital marketing registries or websites such as Better Business Burreau. Reputable digital marketing agencies will be glad to provide a list of clients they have already worked with for reference.

    Another thing you should know is the team that will be handling your account. Ask whether the team you’ve interviewed during the pitch will be the same one working on your account moving forward. You can also check the team members on LinkedIn to see whether they are experienced enough.

      Why You Should Use One Agency For All Digital Marketing?

    It might seem logical to hire several different teams to handle your digital marketing efforts. However, this can be quite counterproductive. Managing several different teams can cost you a lot of time. There are also the issues of miscomunication and insonsistent work load that you’ll have to worry about.

    First of all, hiring a single digital marketing agency will ensure all the digital marketing efforts are well-coordinated and work with each other, not against each other. When it comes to digital marketing, consistency across various channels can make or break your strategy.

    Second, all the teams will be coordinated by a single person, an account manager assigned to your company. This makes comminication and coordination between the different teams and you as a client much easier.

    Finally, the team you hire will be able to plan your budgeting and achieve maximum results at the price you’ve agreed on. You won’t have to worry about additional charges or exceeded budgets.