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    By now, everyone knows what digital marketing is. They hear what works and what doesn’t. They read this blog and that blog and this article. There is so much information out there telling you what to do it almost makes you want to scream because everything contradicts one another. The truth of the matter is, the majority of what you read is for that editor to capture your attention and get more traffic to their blog or to sell you on something. Of course, you are on this website for the exact same reason, to find out if we are right for you.

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    Digital marketing is just like any other profession.

    You can only learn so much yourself online without consistent trial and error till you become a professional. Digital marketers are people that spend every single day learning and performing these skill sets with many different businesses around the world. Therefore, we much rather discuss the mindset and strategy behind digital marketing, instead of giving you a bunch of fluff and smoke to trick you into giving us money.

    Digital marketing is becoming more and more about psychological marketing.

    Most businesses will try search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, paid ads and social media. But most businesses will also fail on getting the results they desire. WHY? Honestly, because some platforms may not be right for your industry, your message sucks, you might not understand your market or demographic and you don’t start with the analytics. Just because this blog or that person or your friends tells you this works for them, doesn’t mean it will work for your business.

    So, how do you figure out what works?

    It is as simple as testing, testing and more testing till you get it right!

    Yes, even the professionals of ALL digital marketing companies will never know what will capture more customers till they test out different marketing avenues. But first, you must analyze many different types of industry analytics and your business’s analytics. Once you discover who your actual audience is (if you think you know without ever looking at any analytics, then you have no idea), then you must start the testing phase. There are two very important areas in how to get more business with digital marketing:


    Capturing the user’s attention


    Converting that user into a customer

    Capturing the user’s attention is typically the most strenuous task of the two, simply because it involves a lot of testing. Testing which digital marketing (SEO, Adwords, Social Media, Etc.) avenue would work best, testing what message responds to your targeted user the best and technically setting up or performing that digital marketing avenue professionally. We will use Google Adwords as an example to this. Here are the super basic steps to capturing the user’s attention with Google Adwords:


    Setting up Google Adwords
    platform professionally


    2Utilizing all aspects / setting / extensions
    of the Google Adwords interface


    Targeting the best keywords
    for your industry strategy


    Implementing many negative keywords
    to narrow down unwanted traffic / clicks


    Testing different Ad Copy to see what would have a better CTR (click through rate)


    Sending the user to a landing page or a page
    on the website the best represents that click

    Those are a few steps with Google Adwords to be able to optimize the potential on capturing your ideal customer. This part can be strenuous because it may take months (with any of these digital marketing avenues) to be able to optimize that platform to start performing the way you envision it to, which is only half the battle. The next step is converting that user into a customer. After getting a platform to be performing optimally, then then we need to get the user to actually become a customer. We will use SEO as an example for this. Let’s say you get your best industry keyword ranking at the top of page one on Google. Congratulations! You have created more visibility for your business and are now getting more high quality traffic to your website.

    Why am I not seeing an increase in sales then!?

    Well, sometimes you may get all that high quality traffic to your website but it is not converting because your website is not setup to convert that traffic. Here are some examples of why that website might not be converting:

    There are poor or no call to actions
    on that website

    Phone numbers and website forms
    may not be easily accessible

    That page the user lands on
    isn’t transparent to the message
    they clicked on

    Taking the user to the homepage
    instead of a landing page

    Functionalities of the website
    might not be optimal to the user

    Inaccurate visuals and
    website content

    And many many more reasons
    depending on the strategy

    At the end of the day, running a digital marketing agency is not something that everyone can do. Let us take that back, it is something that everyone can do, but not effectively. Business owners need to learn to leave it up to the professionals and work with an professional individual or Seo or digital marketing firm they trust.Do you think the customer could do your job as good as you can? More than likely the answer is no. One Click Marketing’s 10 year company experience has allowed us to work with over 100 different types of industries and continually develop our skill sets to be able to make the right decisions for your business. We will be happy to confidently free up your time for you to focus on your business strengths.