Key Points of Jewelry Store SEO: Local SEO for Jewelers

Do you have an online jewelry store and want it to generate some hard-cash revenue every month? Here’s the first step to take: choose your target store visitors. Your jewelry e-commerce website should attract those visitors that are most likely to convert into customers!

Sounds simple, but is it really?

With the help of top jewelry store SEO experts, it can be a pretty nice walk in the park. Read on to discover the staple element of killer SEO for jewelers!

Local SEO for Jewelers: What your competitors already know

Did you know that:

  • more than half of all mobile searches are done to locate a local business?
  • there is a 60% chance a mobile search will result in the same-day visit or call to your store?
  • around 20% of local searches result in the same-day purchase?

These numbers will only continue to grow as more jewelers optimize for local and boost their site’s responsiveness on mobile. If you see a local competitor is ranked better than you in SERPs, chances are that they are optimizing for local, whereas you’re not.

Local SEO for jewelers means focusing on city/area specific keywords.

How do you know which areas to focus on?

While SEO marketers would use keyword tracking tools, you can also provide a valuable insight. If you have more than one brick-and-mortar stores in different areas of the city, compare the number of calls each receive, as well as the overall performance.

What to do with that knowledge?

The better-performing area is your safe bet with local SEO campaigns. Why? Because you know there is interest in your product in that area and you just want to make your store more visible to potential customers. The lower-performing area is something you can decide to focus on in the long run.

Local Maps Optimization: Make it easy for the customer

Imagine this scenario: a potential customer is a person who is set on buying an engagement ring. This person has their mind made up – they want to make the purchase. Provide the phone number and address for them so they can find you easily.

More than 50% of all mobile users searching for jewelry think that the physical address and directions are THE most important information! You already have what they need – don’t make them do the extra legwork trying to find you because they just won’t bother.

Online reviews: Bread and butter of Local SEO for jewelers

Here’s a mighty stat: almost 90% of jewelry buyers say that online reviews influence their purchasing decisions. The time has come for you to have an online reputation management strategy in place for your jewelry store. And online reviews are its key part.

Now how is that connected to local SEO? It’s simple: search engines love what the consumers’ love. And since consumers rely on online reviews, so do the search engines. After all, Google even has its own online reviews platform – Google Reviews.

Acquiring online reviews is a complex process but it all starts with a quality service. Unfortunately, customers are more likely to leave a negative review than a positive one. Still, you can even use that to your advantage: address the complaints the customer had and show what you’ve done to change it. Ignoring negative reviews is not a wise move.

Content development: Be helpful!

Content is king and the king is just! Great content is loved by the search engines and much appreciated by the readers. The question, however, is how to make content relevant to your local customers?

Blogging on topics of interest is a surefire way to get more leads. More specifically, jewelers see a 126% boost in leads if they blog regularly on the online jewelry site!

How’s that possible?

First of all, blogs posts are an excellent way to help your customers out even before they visit you in store. If a man is looking for an anniversary ring, he would appreciate a bog detailing the best ring types and styles. Women would appreciate a post about the best matches between engagement rings and wedding bands. And we’re just scratching the surface here.

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