6 Ways to Find Awesome Blog Topics [Infographic]

As foretold by SEO mavens at the onset of 2017, great content of today revolves around storytelling. And we’re not talking only about aspiring bloggers trying to get a competitive edge in an overcrowded niche – we’re talking big-time content marketing and online marketing in general. Marketers agree that a clearly differentiated story and original content really strike a chord.

So what does that mean for you as a blogger?

Whether you blog your days away in an obscure niche or create content for a celebrity brand, you are bound to get lost for words from time to time, sometimes quite literally. And even if you find a topic to write about, it’s not enough – it has to be a GREAT topic to get people to click, read the whole thing, subscribe to your newsletter or simply give you the thumbs-up on social media.

So how do you find a great topic? Or better still – can you make an ordinary topic extraordinary?

Again, this is where storytelling practically begs you to use it. So, get personal about it, bring your own version of the story to the table. It’s great to be an expert but here’s the hard truth: no one cares unless they can relate to you.

As for ordinary topics progressing up the ladder of awesomeness, nothing is impossible. After all, we are all ordinary people and we (let’s face it) care about ordinary things. Here’s where you can employ some evergreen assets such as in-your-face stats, gripping personal recounts or relevant research data. Don’t cook them up if you don’t have them, though – there’s too much noise out there anyway and we’re getting sick of it.

For more tips on how to scoop some great topics for your growing blog readership, check out our latest infographic!

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