Where To Take Your Content Marketing in 2017 [Infographic]

It’s yesterday’s news that great content is the bread and butter of successful online marketing. What’s more, original content is the sexiest phrase flung in the ongoing content marketing discourse. Marketers from all around are rallying under the banner that powerfully reads SCALE YOUR CONTENT MARKETING.

The question seems inescapable – how to scale your content marketing in 2017?

First of all, 2017 will likely be the year of storytelling revival. Audiences are tired of agenda-pushing content and instead crave stories they can relate to. Content that promotes a brand, no matter how subtly, doesn’t strike a chord with audiences like the personal stories and testimonies of ordinary people.

That in mind, it’s only natural that marketers are knuckling down to find out what makes their customers tick. Moreover, content not only needs to be relatable but also delivered with consistency. In order to directly involve the audience in the conversation, marketers need to establish an optimal dynamics to nurture the relationship.

Finally, there is only a handful of marketers that shrug off the importance of having a content marketing strategy. By the look of it, they will be left in the dust by their strategy-conscious competitors by the time 2017 is over. Harsh as it may sound, tides are shifting rapidly, with a growing number of marketers not only having a content marketing strategy but also documenting it. Furthermore, many have already tagged their content with specific business goals.

Check out the infographic for more tips and stats.

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