What Will Yield Better Results: Content Marketing or SEO for Dispensaries?

It’s been almost a year since dispensaries started sprouting everywhere and the way they communicated with their customers went from face-to-face communication, niche directories and word-of-mouth recommendation to websites and Facebook pages and the whole SEO shebang. Many dispensary managers are wondering what’s more prudent for their digital marketing efforts – investing in SEO for dispensaries or content marketing? What will set them apart from the rest and bring in more customers? Before we get to that, let’s see how SEO and content marketing differ, if at all.

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How to Design Your Website to Turn Visitors into Customers [Infographic]

The first impression your website leaves is one of your most valuable resources for gaining new customers. Your website should be able to draw your audience in and instantly give an impression that you are professional, reliable and the undisputed leader in your niche. This will help them decide whether they want to hire your services or leave without saying goodbye.

But that’s nothing new.

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Eye-Opening Stats about Website Design [Infographic]

Did you know that it takes half a second for a visitor to decide whether they like your website or not? It means you have half a second to grab their attention before they hit the back button, sadly – never to return.

The truth is this: website design can make or break your SEO efforts. If the design isn’t visually appealing and stimulating, the visitors won’t interact with the website. No interaction, no conversion.

We already wrote about visuals becoming more and more important. What’s clear now is that black-and-white visuals don’t do the trick as well as the colorful ones. And finally, there is one thing you simply can’t do without – mobile optimization.

All in all, website design matters now more than ever. Don’t risk compromising the reputation of your brand by taking it lightly. Check out our latest infographic for more stats and facts.

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