San Diego SEO Expert: Why You Should Have One in Your Corner

You’re a San Diego businessperson. You know what you’re doing. That’s good, but is it good enough? It’s the year 2019 and you need experts by your side to help you stay in the game. Working with trusted professionals who can deliver effective digital marketing is what every forward-thinking San Diego business needs. In this article, we’ll focus on SEO.

Regardless of whether you have already used San Diego SEO services or you are about to, if SEO isn’t your strong suit and you do not fully understand how SEO firms work, how will you know that you have a true San Diego SEO expert by your side?

But first things first: what is SEO, exactly?

What does SEO stand for in marketing?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it represents the integral element of digital marketing. It boils down to the process of getting traffic from the so-called organic search results on search engines such as Google. Since Google continues to lead the way in digital marketing, all digital marketing efforts are aimed at following Google’s logic by implementing strong SEO strategies. In other words, effective SEO makes Google happy.

Simply put, SEO is aimed at making your website more visible. Your SEO agency will use various SEO methods to optimize content so as to increase your ranking on a page displaying search engine results, raising you above your competitors.

But bear in mind that what you need is a multi-service digital marketing agency which will focus on SEO but not overlook all the other aspects of digital marketing. It should offer the whole package so as to enhance the overall quality and impact of your website.

What is organic SEO marketing?

When prospective clients look for information online, they will likely use specific keywords which Google or another search engine will then recognize as most relevant to its users. It is the job of your digital marketing agency to analyze common Google searches and develop strategies based on that so as to make your business come up in a prominent position on a search results page.

This is referred to as organic SEO marketing. Organic SEO goes by other names: editorial, natural and free. Unlike Google ads, these are unpaid, algorithm-driven results.

Why is SEO important in a digital marketing strategy?

The purpose of SEO is the increase of:

  • Website visibility
  • User traffic
  • Conversion rate
  • ROI

What are the benefits of hiring a San Diego SEO expert?

It’s pretty clear that the time to jump on the SEO bandwagon is now. So what exactly can you expect a San Diego SEO expert to do for you? A genuine SEO wizard…

Walks the walk

They have to be able to show their skill. They will rank well for search phrases that involve SEO and San Diego. If they can’t do it for themselves, what’s the point? You need proof that they are able to deliver what they promise.

Has a customized, manual approach

Everyone wants the best results, it’s only natural. Preferably, as soon as possible, but definitely for the long run. That requires a thought-through strategy that is completely tailored to your business’s needs.

The problem is there are quite a few SEO agencies out there who will outsource their work overseas or who will use automated software to manage a pay-per-click campaign, for example.

That’s plain wrong.

For an effective SEO strategy you need a consultant who will take time to analyze where you stand with respect to your competitors, research keywords and do the bidding manually. You also need someone who can deliver high-quality content and if you have a local business, someone who is local-savvy.

You also need a partner who will be available to address your concerns and adapt as you go along. That’s not something you get when you outsource your SEO to India.

Provides versatility

The best option is when you have an SEO consultant who provides a full-range of services, such as link building, AdWords management, email marketing, social media management, content writing and website development. First of all, that makes things easier for you and means less coordination on your part. Secondly, such consultants know the bigger picture.

Is ahead of the curve

SEO is a fast-paced industry. Search engines are getting smarter and smarter. A San Diego SEO expert must keep abreast of Google updates and emerging trends.

Since you are not an expert, how can you tell if an SEO marketer is up to date with the latest practices?

The two bedrocks of current SEO trends are users and authority.

Successful SEO strategies are user-centered. Your SEO efforts must provide value to users, because their behavior toward your website will indicate Google where to rank you. If users love you, that is a signal to search engines that your website is relevant.

Users love valuable content. Your website must provide them something more than just ad or sales copies. And when they find a valuable resource, they like to share it, so make sure your content is social media-friendly.

They also love easily navigable websites. That means a layout with clear-cut paths, content with inbound links that takes them to relevant pages and a general aesthetic appeal.

That brings us to design. Users are distinctly shifting to mobile and to rank successfully a website should adapt to it. Google has an unhidden preference for responsive design.

If user behavior on your website gives you a positive vote and if search engines trust you to be relevant, you have authority. Authority is built in many layers. Links leading to your website must come from reliable sources. Owing to constant updates, search engines can now evaluate whether a website is likely to link to you or not. If you are caught trying to trick them, you’re in for penalties and de-indexation.

Respectable websites exclude link farms, but press release websites, local chambers of commerce, industry partners, educational institutions and review sites are great. Actually, a whopping number of users turn to search engines for reviews and recommendations and almost 90% trust them as if they were coming from a friend.

To build your web authority, your SEO expert will focus on organic and local search (if you have a local business). Here are some eye-popping statistics to demonstrate this importance – mind you, these figures which are a few years old could only be higher now:

  • 70% of the links search users click on are organic.
  • 70-80% of users ignore the paid ads, focusing on the organic results.
  • And these from a Google study:
  • Local searches lead to more purchases than non-local searches.
  • 50% of users who did a local search visited the store within a day.

Follow our blog if you’re interested in more current SEO trends and feel free to visit our process page if you’d like to get a feel of what we do and how we do it.

Let’s put this into a checklist

If you are looking for a San Diego SEO expert, make sure they and their team provide:

  • a customized strategy with a manual approach
  • versatile, full-range services that manage backlinks, campaigns, email marketing, social media, content and website development
  • strategies focused on user experience and authority building
  • a demonstration of their skills and knowledge through their own rankings

Boutique San Diego SEO services: a tailor-made marketing approach for your business

Welcome to SEO 1 Click of San Diego! It is our job to perform analytics and create content that will make Google love you and help you outshine the competition. We’ll make your website stand out and boost your search engine ranking. The higher the ranking, the higher the number of clients.

As a boutique digital marketing agency, we apply a tailor-made approach to create effective marketing strategies for our clients. By helping you keep up with the times, we’ll help you get ahead in the fast-changing world of digital marketing and stay on top of your business game!

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