Content Marketing No-Nos and What to Do Instead [Infographic]

Let’s face it:

2017 is going to be all about content and everything that goes with it: content marketing planning, content promotion, and ultimately – boosting content power to generate more profit.

Whether you are a small business owner laying out a content marketing strategy or a household name across the nation, it makes no difference:

Everyone tends to make the same mistakes with content marketing.

Let’s uncover these mistakes and discover how to avoid making them.

For example, small businesses tend to pump out lots of content, thinking that constant exposure is what it takes to rank. As it often happens, they put quantity over quality.

And let me tell you something:

This doesn’t work in the long run. Internet users want concrete answers to their search queries. If what they get is a well-positioned piece of fluff, it’s only a matter of time when the fluff will slip into search oblivion.

Also, many content marketers create content solely for the purposes of link building. Understandable in part, since link building is a big-time ranking factor. However, using good link building techniques isn’t enough. You have to create content with your target audience in mind to make sure they keep coming back to your site.

It all boils down to adding value with each piece of content you create. Nobody said it was easy, though. For instance, content writers can run out of ideas for blogging. What they should do to provide value is identify the needs of their target audience and try to address them as thoroughly as possible. And include visual content, because text alone doesn’t cut it anymore.

To discover what you’re doing wrong with your content marketing and how to turn it around, check out our new infographic.

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