Hit Top of SERPs with Crawling-Friendly Website Tweaks [Infographic]

“There’s this one thing you can do to eclipse your competitors on Google,” said no one ever. OK, maybe someone could say that at the dawn of Internet and Internet browsers. Now, SEO is a much more complex game. Put simply, it requires websites to mind what they say and how (on-page optimization) and to acquire backlink votes from high-authority websites (off-page), on top of loading fast and providing a good user experience. We have already shared what we know about content strategies and link-building techniques, mobile strategy and optimization, but we haven’t discussed much the technical side of SEO and how to improve your SERP performance with a crawling-friendly website.

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Link Building Practices of SEO Champions [Infographic]

Link building is the undisputed leader among white-hat SEO techniques. Having a bulletproof link building strategy is sure to get you to the top of both local and organic search.

As fantastic as it sounds, though, link building is not exactly a piece of cake.

The thing about having people link to your website is that it’s not so much about the quantity, but the quality. If you have a bunch of spammy websites linking to your web content, Google will pick up on it and see you as a spammer, as well.

And trust me, that’s not a risk you should take.

Quality link building means generating quality backlinks. It all starts with content, of course, and it couldn’t hurt to build your content strategy with link building in mind.

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