Web Design and Development

Website design is no longer simply a facelift to make your website look prettier – it’s a massive reconstruction process that goes a long a way in establishing a favorable online presence. Your website is not only your online business card, but also your portfolio and e-commerce platform. Its design has to ensure positive user experience, serve the purposes of your business and help generate an amazing ROI.

Web Design Meets SEO

With the combination of advanced SEO and top-notch web design, we can provide you with a custom web design that will appeal to your target customer pool, and also propel conversion. Our web development team will implement the design for you to approve and then fully develop it before testing and finally publishing.

What We Can Do for Your Business

Design with a Purpose

We can provide you with a custom web design that will attract your target customers and outdo your competition.

Drive Traffic

We can give you a responsive and mobile-optimized website that will accommodate users across devices and platforms.

Boost Conversion

Creating leads for your business is our main priority and guides the design process from beginning to end.

Website Optimization

How Do We Go About It?

We cut to the chase. That is why the first most important action we take is talk to you and figure out your goals and preferences. You may think that website design is like a new pair of shoes – you don’t really need it, but it’s kind of nice. The truth is – it’s a bit more complicated than that.

The Big Question

The choice of the best web design revolves around one simple question – What purpose do you want your website to serve for your business?

If you focus solely on aesthetics and not on functionality, you can get a nice and shiny cookie-cutter website that will do absolutely nothing for your business. Sure, it may look good, but the style will go out of fashion in a couple of years, during which time you will see no leads, no sales – no ROI.

Where to Start?

You can answer the question of your website’s purpose by identifying your main competitors and your target audience. Then you can think about whether you wish to enable the customers to purchase your products or services online, or if you want to educate them about your services or update them on the latest innovations in your industry – look for inspiration in your niche or industry.

Once the purpose of your website is clear in sight, it’s time for the big guns.

Web Design and Development

Responsive Web Design

A good website design enables the users to navigate their way through your website smoothly and rapidly. An amazing website design guides the users where you want them to go. Regardless of what device someone is using to find you, our design will enable the site to ‘’respond’’ to the change in resolution, image size and scripting abilities.

Mobile Optimization and Deployment

The expansion of smart phones and tablets has been the greatest game changer in the web design sphere. In fact, mobile commerce has already grown by 40% from 2013 and the estimated growth between 2014 and 2019 is 300 times! In other words, if your site is not mobile-friendly, you might as well not have it at all.

WordPress/Drupal Integration

Due to being user-friendly, these content management systems enable you to update your web content fairly easily. WordPress is still more popular, at least when for blog content management. We can integrate either Drupal or WordPress into your website design, even install them to co-exist – it all depends on what will be more efficient for your site.

For example, WordPress has its native app for managing content on mobile, and running WordPress mobile themes normally doesn’t create any troubles to SEO.

HTML/PHP Integration

For a profitable e-commerce site, we can add the basic ‘’Add to Cart’’ button or develop multi-item and recurring payment buttons and help you manage payment details. Our web development team can easily integrate the dynamic elements into your site and set them running without a hitch.

Domain Name Hosting/ Registration

We can arrange for your domain name hosting and/or registration as part of our regular web design and development service. We will identify your hosting needs and choose the right hosting based on host reliability, uptime guarantees and upgrading options. Other hosting features, like the number of allowed addon domains, are also important.

Ongoing Site Maintenance

If you don’t already have a web development team to manage your website, we can spare you the fuss of doing it yourself and make sure your website is running smoothly.

Inbound Lead Tracking

Since our company focuses on creating leads for our customers, setting up inbound lead tracking is an important part of our web design process. For example, we may choose a hosting platform that simplifies the installation of the analytics tracking code. We also make sure to set up tracking analytics for mobile apps.

Free SEO Audit Tool

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