Google Adwords Management

Google AdWords is huge in pay-per-click marketing. Chances are you already have an AdWords account, like so many other businesses. However, you’re probably wasting a lot of money as we speak because you don’t even know that you settled with overpriced services and low conversion rates!

You’re not alone, though. Take a look at some common AdWords issues and find out why we do things differently.

Common AdWords Issues

I’ve Done AdWords Before But I Didn’t See ROI

Many businesses attempt to setup an AdWords account themselves or through a company that uses automated software to manage their campaign. Either approach will typically not set up the campaign in a way that benefits the customer.

AdWords is designed to maximize your “clicks”, which produces enormous profits for the search engines but minimizes conversions on your end. At SEO 1 Click we will manually set up your AdWords campaign to maximize “targeted” traffic that will produce leads or sales for your business at a ROI that makes sense.

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My Ads Are Showing Up For Unrelated Services

This is a huge issue for many AdWords accounts. We see businesses spending tens of thousands of dollars on AdWords that are showing up for services completely unrelated to the business. We also frequently see businesses showing up in cities they do not operate in. When SEO 1 Click manages your account, this won’t be an issue for you.

My Cost-Per-Click is Too High!

With CPC costs rising, it is now more important than ever to have a cost-effective campaign running. With proper keyword selection and bidding we can ensure that you are not bidding just on the top-dollar keywords.

A Company Is Already Managing My Account

No problem, we will do a free audit of the AdWords account to make sure everything is up to standard. We can usually tell if there are problems after a very quick look inside your account. Contact us at 1-619-798-6513 or fill out our contact form for more information today!

How We Do AdWords Account Review

We Review Your Account Structure: Are the ad and keyword groupings and account settings optimized for Quality Score?

We Check Your Bidding Strategy: Are the keyword match types and bidding used properly?

We Identify Your Targeting Methods: Are your targeting solutions configured for optimum results?

We Check Your Ads’ Visibility: Are your ads exposed long enough for most profitable target keywords?

We Conduct a Budget Assessment: Is your current advertising budget enough for a competitive race in your industry?

How We Turbo-Charge Your AdWords Account

Ninja-Style Research

Every campaign starts with a thorough analysis of what your business needs and how it can stand out from the competition.

We also conduct the analysis of your competitors; rather copying their methods, we search for the things they do wrong as a window of opportunity for you.

Lastly, we work with you on setting realistic goals – they will help us to directly measure your ROI.

Account Building and Configuration

Once the goals are set, we start building your keyword list. We develop ad and keyword groups based on meticulous research and consumer feedback.

Since we build the account to fit your needs, we add custom settings and come up with well-researched Ad Copies and tweak them to appeal to your target customers.

Lead Tracking and Remarketing

We carefully track all actions the visitors take and analyze your conversion rate. The goal is to track the original keywords someone searched before clicking on your ad. We can use that information to optimize your AdWords campaigns even more effectively. We also link your AdWords account to the Google Analytics account.

By creating remarketing lists, we enable you to reach out to specific customers and customize future campaigns to generate an amazing ROI.

We Keep You in the Loop

No one wants to read a bunch of messy reports on something they have no idea about. We set up a custom reporting dynamics and regularly update you on the progress of your AdWords campaign through simple and easy-to-read reports.

Free SEO Audit Tool

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