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Serious Manual Management

Google Shopping

We are one of the only companies that does Google Shopping management manually. We cannot stress the importance of not using automated software in any PPC effort, but this particularly holds true for Google Shopping or PLA ads. Software simply cannot tailor your products to show up for related keywords like our search engine expert can.

Cheaper, Better, Stronger

If you have a niche-based product, we have seen Google Shopping cost ΒΌ of a traditional, text-based ad campaign and deliver as much as 25% higher conversion rate. To maximize this strength you need an expert in product feed optimization.

Is Google Shopping Right For Me?

Google Shopping works best with a niche-based product. If you are selling a hair dye that retails for ten dollars and you have many competitors that sell the same product for less, you will not see much ROI. However, if you manufacture a commercial pet disposal station (See our case study-link), we can make you some serious money.

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