From Bud to Flower: San Diego Dispensary SEO Canna Boost Your Business

The spotlight of Google’s first page makes any business thrive. Is your business in the dark of page two or three? Cut your way through the crowd of dispensaries popping up everywhere with some tried-and-tested SEO practices.

Get Google My Business Profile

Google My Business is a free Google tool that is a staple for online presence. Most importantly, it indexes your NAP (name, address and phone number). With the rise of mobile searches and consumers searching on the go, optimizing for local results is an all-important step in your dispensary SEO strategy.

Appear in relevant directories & acquire high-quality backlinks

Link building is a vital pillar of SEO. There are good backlink practices and there are shady, deceptively promising practices. The point is you want to get as many high-quality links pointing to your website as possible. As indicated, the operative word is high-quality. You need authoritative websites giving you “votes” in Google’s eyes. At a minimum, you need to appear in industry-relevant directories, such as Weedmaps and Leafly.

Fine-tune your pay-per-click campaigns

PPC advertising gives your company and brand instant exposure. Whereas it can take a few months for organic results to drive traffic to your site, Google AdWords and similar platforms can deliver you visitors in a flash. What’s more, visitors who land on your site through a PPC ad are sales-ready – they are more than visitors, they are prospects.  Unfortunately, Google AdWords’ policies have not evolved with U.S. state laws, meaning it’s very difficult for dispensaries to get their ads approved. In order not to raise a red flag with Google’s algorithms, you need to be creative with the terms you use in your ads. Since dabbling in PPC can easily gobble up your advertising budget without producing results, it’s best to have a PPC expert at your side.

Give the best possible user experience

User experience may sound elusive, but it’s basically ensuring that your website gives the visitors what they need with minimum effort. For a start, your address and phone number should be clearly listed and easy to find. Add some map directions and that’s a plus. That’s just the surface. What also counts is: Do you answer your visitors’ questions? Do you give them answers with minimum clicks? Do you give them answers at maximum speed? What’s your bounce rate? From these questions, you see that optimizing for user experience includes a strategic approach to your website content and enhancing your website structure.

Build your website for the web race

The list just goes on and on, right? Search engine optimization, including dispensary SEO, requires a multipronged approach to your website and Internet presence. It may seem unrelated, but your website structure contributes to your performance in SERPs. Is your code bloated and weighed down with plugins? Does it take in excess of 5 seconds for your landing page to load? Is your site mired in redirects? Are your title tags, header tags and image alt tags hand-picked? Are your images optimized? The structure of your website has to be friendly to Google crawlers, so that you get indexed, and it has to load fast so that your visitors stay with you (otherwise, they will leave).

Get blogging

A well-thought out plan for blogging will pay off on many levels. From an SEO perspective, blogging gives you an opportunity to feed Google with information on what you do, so that it recognizes you as the best answer to your keyword queries. On the other hand, there is also the trust factor. When you blog regularly, knowledgeably and interestingly, you demonstrate your authority in the industry, which keeps people coming (back).

Earn reviews

Since Google’s update Penguin rolled out, reviews became a factor in your SERP rankings. Besides the fact that people like seeing customer reviews, Google also considers your reviews to assess whether your website is worth recommending to users.

It’s high time to get some uplift with expert dispensary SEO

Pun intended, but we are not joking. SEO is a fast-evolving game and we know how to be ahead of the curve. Say yes to ONE MONTH FREE services with the seasoned team of SEO whizzes at SEO 1 Click!

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