Why You Need Display Ads

Display advertising is a prolific area of content development and paid advertising. Your display web content can join millions of sites reached by Google’s Display Network, where your display ads can be matched with other websites based on keywords that consumers use to search for your service! Smart display advertising – this is what we do at One Click Marketing.
All our digital marketing strategies are informed by the latest insights and implications from top search engines, most notably Google. We are in tune with what Google likes and is willing to promote, and we build your display ad strategy around it. We factor in the search engines but also your target audience – consumers who search for your services. Let’s show them that you are the best result for their search with targeted (but subtle!) display ads!

One Click Display Ads

Cleverly placed display ad content

Great display ads are placed exactly where the consumer needs them most. The team at One Click Marketing draws upon our vast experience with creating web content that guides a consumer right where we want them to go. We keep the pages fully responsive and make sure all content displays nicely on mobile devices. We also make sure that display ads blend in with the design smoothly and naturally.

Multimedia content

Display ads are a great way to diversify the content formats you have on your website. This is where we play especially smart and create content specifically for different consumer needs. For example, if a consumer needs quick and general information, we’ll give them a short and convenient video. The point is to know your target audience and utilize the appropriate content format to deliver the information they need.

Complementary content formats

Most of the time, our clients already have web content so we focus on display ads that would complement it. We prioritize functionality; if you already have a banner or infographic, we’ll create a display text ad. Besides, 67.5% of ads on the display network are plain text ads! So we go in, analyze your web content, possibly repurpose some for display advertising or create new display ads. All strategic and planned out from the start.

Quicker conversions

Display ads are fantastic for consumers who already know what they want – they just need the quickest way to get it. With a strategically placed display ad, you give the consumer exactly what they need, when they need it. A consumer won’t waste their time clicking through or scrolling down. They want a simple and non-disruptive display ad, so we deliver!

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Display Ads Done Right with One Click


Tracking display ad campaigns

At One Click Marketing, we give your display ad campaigns as much love as we give your SEO campaigns. This means nurturing the campaign, tracking its progress and learning from it so we can make it even more efficient as we go along!


Optimizing for conversion

Although SEO and display advertising involve a bit of experimenting here and there, our goals is always clear: optimize for conversion to bring you more leads! This means targeting conversion-driving keywords across different campaigns, including display ads.


Human-oriented display ad content

Some SEOs make the mistake of optimizing display ads only for search engines. We don’t! Instead, we keep user experience in mind and only create content that brings value to consumers. They appreciate real value and reward it with trusting your brand!