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One Click Marketing of San Diego is an all in one stop shop for your digital marketing and website programming needs. We have a complete in-house team and pride ourselves off of not mysteriously out-sourcing anything. We have been in business for well over a decade and we fully believe that every good client relationship starts with transparent communication. We look forward to earning your business and trust.

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We have spent thousands of hours educating ourselves, over the 10 years we have been in business, on Google's consistently changing algorithm to be able to know exactly what to do to get the ROI clients are looking for. Digital Marketing is best learned through trial and error with multiple different situations and industries. We have perfected our craft to be able to streamline our knowledge into your marketing.
The cost of time is always the largest issue when it comes to paying employees to perform these services in house. There is also the time of accurately performing the digital marketing task correct the very first time. The longer is takes to perform, the longer it takes to create more lead generation. It is also worth mentioning that being able to trust a marketing agency / team would essentially save 10 to 20 thousand dollars per year, rather than hiring a not as educated single employee.
Google and most algorithms are very touchy with what can be performed on websites in the current day. If you take the chance to acquire just one backlink, it could end up penalizing your website rankings tremendously. A single backlink can have the power to either increase your rankings or make you non existent in search. Make sure you let the professionals handle this or there is a high probability of negatively impacting your website and overall lead generation. We see this happen over and over and over again.

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Three Biggest Issues Companies Have when Finding an Internet Marketing Agency


They have been screwed in the past!

For most businesses looking for a marketing firm, one of the hardest thing to do is to trust another internet marketing agency after the previous one didn't execute on the initial expectation they laid out. The also probably took a good amount of money from your marketing budget.


They never got updates or progress reports!

For some reason, there are internet marketing agencies that are scared of sharing the results with the clients or are simply not transparent enough. Therefore, you never know if you are getting an ROI out of what you are paying for.


Their website was penalized because of spammy backlinking!

We would say that 1 out of every 3 websites we analyze throughout the year has had some sort of spammy backlinking or has gotten penalized by Google.

Five Questions You Should Always Ask to Find the Right

Internet Marketing Firm

Does that company rank themselves in their industry?

Make sure you do your research or ask if that internet marketing agency can rank themselves with their industry keywords in their target areas. If a firm cannot rank themselves, then what makes you think they can rank your business? BUT let me tell you a secret - just because an internet marketing agency can rank themselves, doesn't mean they can do quality SEO. That company could just have a very old domain and was one of the first to rank in Google because of that seasoned, old domain. Go the extra mile and ask that internet marketing agency what they have done in the last month (in detail) to create better rankings for themselves?



What is their reputation with current clients?

It is always important to check out the reviews, ask for case studies and even inquire about contacting the current clients that internet marketing agency is working with. Currently, One Click Marketing has more Google reviews (that are legitimate) than any other firm in the San Diego area, but that shouldn't tell the whole story of legitimacy. Do your due diligence in asking for case studies or inquiring about the contact information of current clients. Here is an expert tip: ask the internet marketing agency "What is the last client you lost and for what reason?"



What kind of guarantees can be given by an internet marketing agency?

The days of guaranteed position #1 rankings in Google are over! Google has a continuously updated algorithm that moves positions of all companies all the time. Therefore, it is a red flag for a company to promise position #1 rankings. What you should do is legitimize that internet marketing agency with their current reviews, case studies and clients. An honest internet marketing agency will talk to you about what they did for other companies and the strategies to achieve a consistent ROI.



What is the cost of performing SEO that will create an ROI?

It used to be great, back in 2007, when you could invest a couple hundred dollars and achieve great success. Those days are over! When it comes to high quality marketing, you get what you pay for. Even then, we have talked to dozens of companies that paid top dollar only to achieve bottom level ROI. Each company has a unique strategy to achieve the results that are expected. Prices can range from a small amount per month to a greater amount each month. It just depends on the difficulty of your industry and the amount of competition you are up against.



What kind of internet marketing agency are you looking for?

There are many different types of internet marketing agencies. Here are few of them: - Large, established marketing agencies that have a hundred employees and hundreds of clients
- Boutique agencies with a dozen employees and 30-50 clients
- Internet marketing agencies that focus on national companies and others that focus on more local companies
- Internet marketing agencies that sell you a good price and then outsource all the work
- Freelancers that have a few clients

One Click Marketing Agency falls under the category of boutique agencies. We currently have 12 employees and cater to 30-50 clients. We have national and local brands that we market for and DO NOT outsource any of the work because we do everything in house with our salaried employees. If we are the No Bullpucky, transparent type of internet marketing agency that you are looking for, give use a ring and start the conversation.