Facebook Marketing

Facebook: A Proven Social-Media Channel

Social media is a great source of traffic and also allows for great marketing campaigns to both targeted and non-targeted audiences. As a well-established social media platform, Facebook opens up a window of opportunity for small businesses to promote their services and web content.
One Click Marketing boasts a team of creative social media marketers who have the know-how to manage your business’s Facebook campaigns. We don’t rely on Facebook for easy conversions, but work on building up a steady following and eliminating the need for paid ads. What sets us apart is the way we integrate Facebook campaigns with SEO. Reach out to us and let’s talk some more!

How We Do Facebook Marketing

User engagement

The most important thing about your business’s Facebook page is how well it interacts with the users. It takes research and skill to know exactly how to address your target audience and keep them interested in what you have to say and offer. Our team of Facebook marketing experts employ a strategic approach tailored to your audience and niche. Let’s get the conversation started!

Facebook lead generation

Your service pages need all the love they can get, and Facebook’s got plenty of love to give! With more than 200 million users in the US only, Facebook is where you can address a large customer base. What you need are proven lead generation strategies to generate interest in your service and then provide incentives for the leads to come to you. This is exactly what we do at One Click Marketing!

Local outreach

Although Facebook isn’t local in character, it allows for the creation of various online communities that share the same interests, values and needs. These communities can be local, with members from San Diego and the rest of SoCal. If these are the areas where you do business, you are already ahead of the competition that disregarded the potential for optimizing their campaigns for local. One Click Marketing helps you maximize local traffic and manage your online reputation effectively!

Smart paid activities

Paid activities on Facebook tend to generate more likes and shares, which is directly linked to more traffic. This is why we invest our time into creating smart paid campaigns for our clients. Get more shares likes and brand mention on Facebook with activities that use the right tone and address your audience’s burning questions!

Facebook campaign management

Creativity is paramount when it comes to Facebook marketing, but so is management and tracking. Our social media marketing team is all about tracking the results of the campaigns and always adding new improved techniques to get your more targeted traffic and more leads.

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Why we are #1 Facebook Marketing Company


We integrate Facebook marketing with SEO

As a leading San Diego SEO company, all our digital marketing efforts are informed by SEO. Facebook marketing has an important role to play for SEO and your business!


We track our results and report to you

With One Click, you can be as involved in your Facebook campaign management if you want. We show you all our tracking reports and educate you about the results, so you are in control of your Facebook page.


We set our sights on conversions

Facebook is great for boosting traffic and brand awareness, but we’re also harnessing its conversion potential. We identify your target audience and reach out to them for you, so you get a flow of purchase-ready consumers straight off your Facebook page.