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At SEO 1 Click, our focus is clear – create leads for our clients. Why leads? Because they are the driving force behind a company’s sales and ROI. Unlike other marketers, we don’t beat around the bush – our goal is to produce leads for your business, and all our SEO services rely heavily on that philosophy. It doesn’t mean that we don’t acknowledge the secondary benefits your business can get from SEO, such as a boost in brand awareness and website traffic, they just come second to producing leads. While so many marketers focus on website traffic, we know that we need to focus on something infinitely more important – the source of that traffic. By tracking different sources of your website traffic, we discover what traffic actually converts for your business.

How do we go about it?

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Lead Tracking


Lead Tracking

More often than not, lead tracking determines the success of a marketing campaign. It’s all about data – the more we have it, the better insight we have into what converts for your business. We can track leads coming from different sources, discover which ones are the most profitable and focus on them, without spending neither time nor energy on something that simply doesn’t convert! It all starts with setting up the analytics, and setting it right. The most important part is the accurate interpretation of the data, and this is where most marketers fail and miss the golden opportunities for their clients’ business growth. We have the know-how to cut through the noise and tell you what’s worth investing in and what’s not.

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Lead Gen


Lead Gen

You can achieve lead generation in a number of ways. Once you’re comfortably positioned on page 1 for your target keywords, SEO will be the single most important thing for bringing in more traffic and creating leads. It’s absolutely essential to maintain the high-quality traffic flow to your website and target high-conversion keywords. Even if your position is solid on the 1st page of the search, you still need to invest time and money into staying there. You can explore various pay-per-click options, such as Google Adwords, Yahoo/Bing Adwords, and Retargeting. Depending on the budget you have and the current state of the marketing done in your industry, you will choose one or a few of these options.

What is pay per click?

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Latest News

August 28, 2020

Landing the coveted number-one spot on a search engine results page is a hard-won achievement. After all, with so many businesses scrambling up the rank ladder, the competition is fierce.

It’s no wonder why content marketers are constantly searching for hacks to rise even a few positions in results. One such SEO “hack” is live chat. But it’s important to note that live chat only affects SEO when it’s done right.

How live chat can improve SEO

Most of the SEO benefits of live chat are secondary. In other words, installing live chat on your site won’t directly boost your page rank or domain authority. It all depends on what software you use (and how you use it). Here are a few ways live chat can improve on-page SEO.

Increases the time users spend on your site

Google’s algorithms measure metrics like average time-on-page, session duration, and dwell time to determine content quality.

Average time-on-page indicates how long a visitor spends on a single page. Session duration includes the total time a user spends on your site in a single session. This could include multiple pageviews.

Not to be confused with time-on-page, dwell time is the amount of time users spend on a page before returning to the search results page. A higher average dwell time signals to Google that your content sufficiently answers the user’s search query.

Visitors who use live chat typically spend more time on your site than those who don’t, which improves these metrics. Live chat software with built-in URL tracking shows you which queries drove visitors to your site.

Decreases bounce rate (in certain situations)

Live chat itself won’t decrease your bounce rate — but linking to pages you’d like to drive more traffic to will. You can do this by adding custom buttons to your chat window or sending a link in a message.

For example, our live chat window includes a quick-access link to our About Us page so visitors don’t have to hunt for it. This makes it easy for newcomers to learn more about what we do.

Let’s say a prospect messaged us about our Facebook marketing services. We wouldn’t want to send them a wall of text explaining every detail. So we might provide a brief answer to their questions, send them a link to our Facebook marketing page, and make ourselves available to answer other questions they may have. This provides instant, personalized assistance while also allowing the user to explore at their own pace.

Provides rich customer data that you can repurpose into content

Your chat logs are a treasure trove of customer data. Review your chat transcripts regularly to discover your customers’ needs, intentions, pain points, and frequently asked questions. 

Then, repurpose those queries into informative FAQs, landing pages, and blog posts to deliver value and improve your rank. Plus, it’s an easy way to generate ideas to fill up your editorial calendar.

Bonus benefit: Generates more reviews to boost local SEO

Generating Google Reviews through live chat is another indirect way to improve SEO. Search engines know that customers value reviews and rely on them to make purchase decisions. The more positive reviews you have, the more trustworthy your business appears to Google, and the higher you’ll rank.

What about negative reviews? According to Google’s John Mueller, the odd negative review won’t affect your rank. 1 Click Chat intercepts negative reviews automatically so you can address them privately.

Factors to consider before installing live chat

While live chat can provide a small, indirect boost to your SEO, it can also hurt your results if it’s done wrong. Live chat is now non-negotiable in an era when customers expect instant gratification. But not all live chat software is created equal. Here are a few factors you should consider when shopping around for a live chat solution.

Site speed

A fast website isn’t just a convenience for your customers — it’s also essential for SEO. Site speed is one of Google’s many ranking factors. Some live chat widgets take up to 8 seconds to load, slowing down your site speed.


Google’s algorithms are mobile-first. If your live chat software isn’t mobile-friendly, your on-site SEO will suffer. Your live chat window should be responsive to maintain the user experience across all devices.

Custom buttons

If decreasing bounce rate is one of your main goals, consider choosing a chat solution that allows you to add custom buttons to your chat window. These allow you to add links to pages you’d like to increase traffic to. But don’t overdo it — too many buttons create visual clutter. 

SEO and live chat: final thoughts

Live chat won’t solve your SEO woes, but it will provide a personalized customer experience and make it easier for visitors to navigate your site. Repurposing customer data from your chat logs into blog posts and landing pages is a great way to provide value. You can even use live chat to generate Google Reviews, which also improves local SEO.

1 Click Chat is optimized for Google’s algorithms and comes equipped with all the features you need to deliver a customer-centric experience. Start a chat with us today to discover how live chat can boost your rank and provide instant, 24/7 access to your business.



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I have been working with this agency for well over a year now and there is a reason why I am still working with them. Every task and keyword I have given them, they have met my expectations. I am positioned like a king in my industry throughout the products and services I offer. They have consulted with me every step of the way.
– Pablo

I have been working with these guys for only a few short months and I have increased my budget, given them the responsibility of managing my website and have recommended them to friends from other companies. That being said, I am obviously thrilled with our progress and they have my full confidence in getting the job done. Communication is astounding and work ethic is phenomenal.
– Cory

We approached SEO 1 Click with a tough task to get nationally ranked with our main keywords. We knew it would take time, but was willing to put up the investment because SEO it is vital to our business. After six months, we started to rank on the first page with our keywords! Their professionalism and knowledge goes a long way with Greenshine and we have complete trust in what they do.
– Kevin

In my business it is all about dominating the competition, so I gave SEO 1 Click a lofty task. My business is now thriving and continues to grow to an amazing level because of our digital marketing strategy and SEO. Don’t think twice about using SEO 1 Click to get the job done right!
– Tony

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